Every wedding card is the door to the wedding itself. What does this mean? This simply means that the wedding invitation is what will be used by most guests to make a first and lasting impression about the whole wedding event. Remember that it is common for most guests to exhibit these cards in their homes. The events of the wedding will be fresh in their minds and this may be done to simply remind them of the wedding activities. Remember that there are so many options that you can decide on to make these cards look striking. Your weeding cards can be proficiently done by an expert. But this does not leave you with the choice of personally doing what can be done. Remember that when things are given some form of creativity, it is then that the beauty in them is discovered. What you should also know is that personally doing your invitation can be a lot of excitement.

When you are through with the production, the next worry should be on how to arrange these invitations cards for eventual distribution. Every wedding invitation will normally be in the form of a fold-up paper and one of two envelops to wrap up the invitation. In some cases, the invitation pack may contain more then the above. Some people normally add reply or receptions cards in the invitation or a direction to show the location of the wedding. Today, most invitation cards will be beautified by ribbons which are also meant to hold them up.

How can the invitations cards be carefully arranged? Here are ten guidelines to make the process seem simpler:

. Ensure that your hands are free from dirt and especially oil. Keep in mind that the nature of invitations cards makes them feasible to hold up dirt. In short, avoid touching anything that may leave marks of touches on the invitation.

. Endeavour that your working environment or surface is very tidy. And also make sure that you have enough room to work. Remember that a closed and tighter environment may lead you to imperfections.

. Put yourself into some order. There are so many accessories that you will need. It is good to make sure that they are in tact ahead of starting work.

. It is always good to work as a team. But do not let someone spoil the fine ideas that you may have. You should consider inviting your future spouse to help you out. You should also know that the nature of such a work does not warrant too many people at a time.

. Arrange your papers into groups of say, ten. Remember that breaking up your work into smaller parts means you can easily handle and complete every task. This is also to help you achieve perfection and equally to avoid wastage of resources.

. Make sure everything is placed as it should be. Remember that any extra leaflet should go inside the card. The reception card is followed by the reply card. Any other item can be included in the envelope. All these items must be enclosed in the envelope so that they should be kept in tact. Write on the back of the envelope. Place all smaller envelopes into the large ones and the front of the smaller envelopes should face the back of the larger ones. The recipient must be able to see his or her name as soon as the envelope is opened.

. You should not put on any makeup on your lips if you intend to lick the envelope ahead of closing it.

. Any attractive seal should be used for the inner envelope. Remember that you want these to arrive at your recipients’ undamaged.

. If you are using ribbons, remember not to fasten them so strong. They should be easily untied.

. Make sure you have some additional cards. Remember that some might get bad in the process of arranging them and will need replacement.

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