The photographer you choose should be highly experienced in this job. Because while are enjoying this special occasion he is the one capturing it all with his lens. So photography is a must have piece on your wedding planning check list.

You should lay it out to your photographer that what according to you would be most vital moments or what exactly would like to be documented. Add if you plan to have video recordings of the proceeding then both the coordination should be in sync.

Include photography in the wedding checklist

All things need to be discussed elaborately with the photographer and an outline must be given as to what pictures you want more taken or less captured. It is common that pictures of the groom & bride are taken separately before the wedding day arrives. So the photographer needs to be given exact dates when he can come over and take these pictures also the photographer should inform you prior to his arrival so that you are dressed up precisely to occasion.

This synchronization of timings will be fitting to derive desired results. Keep the list of demands within acceptable limits or else the photographer could get bogged down with such demand and lose the plot altogether, all the same a professional should be used to such demands from customers and therefore should not be fussy at all.

Pre wedding pictures, then wedding ceremony pictures, pre wedding pictures, post wedding pictures, photos before and post the wedding receptions and on the arrival and while leaving pictures of the groom and the bride, all the form the basis of wedding photography checklist. Names of important people in your wedding whose photos should be taken should be chalked down and handed over to the photographer.

A full family photo of all the aunts, uncles, cousins and relatives should be arranged at a convenient time suitable to all. As a personal advise I would say that give freedom to the photographer so he can show his creativity in some areas where the light and the background make positioning quite important.

Wedding Posing Guide

Suppose the facility has a garden or water fall then have the photographer click some pictures of the two of in bright sunshine for better effects. When the light is beaming from a side angle or over the head that's when the effects are the best. Severe light coming from where the photographer is positioned will wash out your pictures. If you can arrange for some photos to be taken at your favorite meeting place or at a theme park then that too will be a good idea. Forget all stressed up matters while posing as pictures should look natural and fresh. Anything natural is appealing and the same goes you're your photos as well.

Wedding Picture Guide

Some pictures are a must in the album. So make a list of those pictures that you would like to frame up or would like to see again and again. Like a prime photo of the bride wearing an elegant evening gown or the groom sitting besides the bride, the full family photo of the bride's and the groom's side standing side by side. Close up of your exclusive wedding cake and bouquet is also sought after photos selection.

Clearly you both will be the ones who will decide what photos are taken and of whom. So, anyways any relation formed is healthy and if you can communicate well with your photographer then that's just about perfect.

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