Wikiwedding Edit

I keep talking to people about their weddings. It's been on my mind since Jenni and I are at about a year out. So far the only people who have recommended the experience have been those who eloped.

I've decided I'm going to stake out this wiki and use it as an experiment in collaboratively planning my wedding on Labor Day Weekend 2010. I'm pretty sure I can do it in such a way that the wiki can be shared with anyone wanting to do the same thing.

Step #1 ― Stake Out A Namespace Edit

If you're a bride or a groom, you need to keep your documents separate from all the other brides and grooms. To do this, pick a starter to identify yourself. For example, my name is Will Holcomb and all of my wedding ideas begin with w♥j. All of my fiancée, Jenni Pearson's, documents start with j♥w.

To claim a space to put your documents, just find a spot on the wiki where starter:Me is unclaimed and add a page.

You'll also need a spot for documents you're collaborating on with your partner. For Jenni and I, that is ♥jw♥.

Step #2 ― Create an Overview Edit

Any large logistical undertaking needs a plan from ten thousand feet. This is the overview (it goes in your shared documents) and a good place to begin planning.

Once you've created your overview, you can add it to the upcoming weddings page.

Keeping track of a calendar in a wiki is a pain, so you might want to create a [Google calendar] for wedding events and link to it from the overview.

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