Setting Edit

This bachelor party is a concerto in three parts:

  • The Realms ― The separation of the meta-physical universe: Heaven, Earth, and Hell
  • Bachelor Party ― The process of planning and executing the most awesome week and a half ever.
  • Swapping Time ― Collaboratively organizing three scales of plans using the Department of Happiness' Tipspace interface.

Act I - In: Heaven ― Ninja School ― Brainstorm: Edit

Haiku: Edit

Seek good and evil,
  and plan the best week ever
    while learning Kung-Fu.

TV Executive Elevator Pitch: Edit

  • Demonstrate the software Swap with a reality TV show.
  • 10 guys plan a bachelor party for three months.
  • Before setting the world record for longest recorded bender streamed to the net.

Long Pitch Edit

Location: China Edit

Time Span: 21 April - 21 July 2010 Edit

Act II - Hold: Earth ― Chez Matriarche ― Compromise Edit

Haiku: Edit

Locate your center,
  and the perfect pitch for Swap
    in Grandma's cooking.

Potential Participant Elevator Pitch: Edit

  • Decompress for a week with some home cooking.
  • Find out how the world has changed in three months.
  • Use Tip to plan your day of the party.

Long Pitch Edit

Location: The home of your eldest living female relative. Edit

Time Span: 22 - 29 July 2010 Edit

Act III - Out: Hell ― Destination Unknown ― Execution Edit

Haiku: Edit

Stare into the void
  wandering the world
    and shooting tequila.

Viewer Elevator Pitch: Edit

  • Go on a trip to the dark side.
  • As ten guys travel the world doing whatever they want.
  • Not paying for anything.

Long Pitch Edit

Location: Planet Earth ± 5.5 light days Edit

Time Span: 30 July - 9 August 2010 Edit